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James W. Coleman, Sr.

James W. Coleman, Sr.

Financial Advisor

Jim Coleman is an independent financial advisor with more than twenty-five years of experience in the financial services industry. He specializes in developing unique financial strategies that help clients create a reliable income stream that they cannot outlive, while working towards improving portfolio returns, helping to protect their principal and reduce taxes.

Jim is the president and founder of Coleman Financial Advisory Group LLC, located in Waterbury, CT. He provides uncompromising attention to detail as he reviews the client’s current and future financial situation, risk tolerance, and personal priorities. He walks clients through a step-by-step procedure designed to ensure comfort and confidence at every stage of the decision making process. Only then does Jim suggest appropriate financial strategies to help clients identify and realize their lifetime goals.

Having received both national and regional recognition from financial organizations, Jim has been sought out by many of his industry peers to teach his strategies and disciplines. He authored a book on the topic of retirement income and investing titled, Educated Investing: Your Guide to Surviving and Thriving in the Fast-Paced Global Markets of the 21st Century. He hosted All About Money, a weekly radio talk show on WATR in Connecticut, and has written numerous financial columns for the Prospect Pages and other national media.

Jim graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a double major degree in finance and marketing. Committed to uplifting the ethical standards of his peers in the financial industry, Jim is a member of the Financial Planning Association and is the President of the Connecticut Chapter of the Society for Financial Awareness. He also lectures in finance at the University of Connecticut, OLLI Center.

A father of five children, Jim is family and community-oriented. He stands by the importance of investing not just in one’s own future but in society’s as well.