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Market Update Zoom Webinar for Clients only

May 18, 2022 at 6 pm

Jim Coleman discusses the current economy, the markets, inflation, interest rates, and where do we go from here. What changes has he made to the portfolios, the asset classes, and why? Zoom webinar that was hosted by Jim. Requires password for access. Email or call the office for the password.

ON THE MONEY News Channel 12

January 2010

Independent financial advisor and president of Coleman Financial Advisory Group, LLC, Jim Coleman appeared on the local News Channel 12, discussing how to position investments to safeguard them against further losses. In light of the economic downturn, Jim says he is "cautiously optimistic" about the future.

Watch the video here (6 minutes)

The Estate Tax is in Flux, So Concentrate on What You Can Control

February 2010

“Rather than spend our time second-guessing Congress and bemoaning the continued lack of clarity from Washington, I urge clients to focus on an estate planning issue that potentially can have a greater impact on their heirs than whether the estate tax exemption increases – beneficiary designations,” says Jim Coleman. Click here for tips to help properly designate your beneficiaries.

WXLM 104.7 FM Radio

January 12, 2010

Jim Coleman discusses with radio host, Lee Elci of the WXLM Morning Show, financial issues to be thinking about in 2010. Addressing retirement savings, 401(k) plans, debt reduction, and economic opportunities and cautions, Coleman shares his insight and strategies for the coming years. Listen to the full interview here.

Strategic, Tactical, or a Little of Both?

January 2010

Jim Coleman debates a tactical versus strategic asset allocation approach in light of continuing market ups and downs. “Neither is appropriate for all investors and in all markets,” says Coleman. Today's investors may need a blend of both. Read the full article.

Leave a Legacy of Financial Responsibility and Stewardship

December 2009

In the spirit of the holiday season, Jim Coleman suggests founding a Family Bank or funding a Charitable Account. Doing so can enhance financial literacy and cultivate a philanthropic spirit for generations to come. What greater gifts are there to give? – and you don't even have to go to the mall. Learn more about these initiatives here.

Six Tips for Keeping Emotions in Check

November 2009

Investors prone to making emotional decisions should be especially on guard this year. Those mourning last year's market losses while simultaneously hopeful about broad gains so far in 2009, may be prone to repeating mistakes without a plan. Read Jim Coleman’s tips here.

It Takes Vigilance to Navigate the New Financial Frontier

October 2009

The recession may be ending on Wall Street, but our economic environment is still wrought with changes and uncertainties. Jim Coleman urges investors to adopt a new vigilance in order to understand and take advantage of emerging opportunities. Read Coleman’s recommendations here.

Connecticut Magazine

Jim Coleman was featured in the article: Connecticut’s Own Financial Advisor as a financial professional that stands out from the multitude of investment firms and advisors. “The value I bring to a client is truly listening to their concerns and objectives,” says Coleman. Read the full article here.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

November 2009

In her article, "Increase Your Retirement Income," senior editor Mary Beth Franklin details a new money-for-life strategy to help create both guaranteed income and growth potential. Jim Coleman shared his own twist to the income-for-life model, which entails flipping a classic risk pyramid on its side in order to tap the most conservative investments at the beginning of your retirement timeline and let the riskier investments grow until the later years.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine

September 2009

Urging retirees and those nearing retirement to shift their focus from return on investment to reliability of income, Jim Coleman was recently quoted in Repair. Rebuild. Retire., written by Mary Beth Franklin, Senior Editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance.